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Lakeside Residents

Looking for 4 HOA members willing to serve as Directors on the Homeowners Board for 2024-2025. Duties include , but are not limited to, attending meetings, voting on issues affecting the community, helping at LCHOA events. If interested in one of these positions please email Eileen at or send a letter to LCHOA Nomination Committee,26141 Lakeshore Blvd. Millsboro, DE. 19966. This is your HOA- it is here to serve you! Please consider running for a Director Position.

Lakeside is participating in a Pot Nets Event to "Feed the Homeless for Thanksgiving and 

Christmas" sponsored by the Shepards Office in Georgetown. Each Pot Nets Community that is participating has been assigned specific items so that there are enough different items for the meals. Lakeside has been assigned cans of Corn and Green Beans.

Lakeside residents who wish to help can drop off cans of Corn and Green beans to

Nancy at 33338 Lakeshore Circle by Saturday, November 18th.

Newly Elected HOA Officers for 2023/2024

President:              Pat Brady
Vice President:     David Kaulius
Treasure:                Carroll Shmitt
Asst.Treasure:       Collleen Kaulius
Secretary:              Diana Price
Asst. Secretary:    Judy Seechuk
DMHOA Rep:        Vinny Rice
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