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~ About Us ~
The Lakeside Community Homeowners Association is incorporated, as a non-profit corporation in the state of Delaware. The purpose of the organization is:
1.   To provide representation, input and information on manufactured homes, environmental concerns, legislative matters and any other matters that may be of concern and interest to the membership.
2.   To encourage LCHOA Members and Tunnell Management to maintain and improve the quality of life in the Lakeside community through charitable, educational, and recreational activities.
Membership will be open to all homeowner(s) and/or legal tenant(s) in the Lakeside community.
Lakeside Community Home Owners Association By-Laws 12/4/2019


~ News ~
Delaware COVID-19 Vaccine Update
On April 6, all Delawareans aged 16 or older will become eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at pharmacies, community vaccination sites, and mass vaccination events hosted by the State of Delaware. 
Beginning at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, April 6, Delawareans who are 16+ may register on the State of Delaware’s COVID-19 vaccination waiting list at Delawareans who are 50+ can sign up now. 
Medical providers – including primary care doctors, specialty providers, and hospital systems – will continue to vaccinate only Delawareans aged 16-64 with moderate- and high-risk medical conditions and disabilities. 
For more information about vaccine distribution in Delaware, visit
Beginning sometime tomorrow, April 6, Delawareans, age 16+, may register on the State of Delaware’s COVID-19 vaccination waiting list at
Delawareans please be careful. There are reports about a potential phone scam in which scammers are claiming to be from the State of Delaware offering the COVID-19 vaccine for a cost of $75. This is false. Hang up & do not provide any personal or financial info. Please report these calls to the Department of Justice Consumer Protection Unit at or by phone at (800) 220-5424.
Vaccine registration sites
Delaware State Site you can get / sign up for Vaccine Click here 
Beebe Hospital site you can register here as well Click Here
Now that 2021 is upon us, we ask for your help in reaching out to our elected legislators and letting them know we are VOTERS and we need their help in moving our proposed DMHOA legislation forward.
Check the DMHOA website: to get information.
Upcoming DMHOA General Membership Meetings:
January 25th
February 22nd
Both meetings will be conducted as a conference call.
Dial-in number: 978-990-5000  Access Code: 907460#.
For best reception use a landline.
The meeting call starts promptly at 6:30 pm and open to anyone living in manufactured housing on leased land. 
For more information visit: or check out our Facebook page: dmhoahu or call 302-945-2122.
Find out what is happening in YOUR area:
Your elected representatives email out Newsletters that provide valuable time sensitive information of events occurring in their area. These include, pop up COVID testing sites, Food Pantry locations and much more. Just go to their website and sign up. If you do not know who your elected representatives are in the DE House of Representatives and DE Senate just go to: put your address in the WHO is MY Legislator box and click Find My Legislator.
Sign up for Newsletters from your elected Representatives so time sensitive important information can come directly to you.
Our List of our Delaware General Assembly Members
 Senator Brian Pettyjohn
District:SD 19
Ruth Briggs King
District:RD 37
Delaware State Senators Click Here!
Delaware State Representatives Click Here!
Our U.S. Senator
Chris Coons Click Here!
Our U.S. House Congresswomen
Lisa Blunt Rochester Click Here!
Office of the Manufactured Housing Ombudsperson website online now up and running check it out!
Lakeside Community HOA, Inc
We are looking for Volunteers,
Town Watch Coordinator - schedule the Town Watch calender on a monthly basis. 
People needed to help setup Community Center for the December 5, annual meeting
Contact Betty @ 302-945-1263
Apparently there have been several incidents of cars being ransacked here in Lakeside. PLEASE LOCK YOUR CARS, SHEDS AND GARAGES.
You are all part of the "Lakeside Family" And family looks out for one another. If you see ANYTHING out of the norm do not hesitate to call 911 and public safety. Do Not confront anyone on your own. Think safety first....things can be replaced, not so if you are harmed.
Please take precautions and be safe everyone.
No Fun Bowling 
Until further notice fir more information call Pat at 215-805-7782.
Pot Nets Mailing List
Are you a resident and are not subscribed to our Pot Nets Mailing List?
Pot Nets Uniform Community Guidelines

~ Board of Directors ~


President-Betty Greenawalt  2021-2022 
Vice President-Tom Rudnicky  2021-2022
Treasurer- Barbara Cangiano 2021-2022
Assistant Treasurer-Bonnie Koerner 2021-2022
Secretary-Eileen Feigenbaum 2021-2022
Assistant Secretary- Carroll Shmitt 2021-2022 
DMHOA Liaison Representative-Vinny Rice 2021-2022 
Director-Stephanie Boggs 2020-2021 
Director Anna Mae Rabatin 2021
Director-Cindy Horan 2020-2021  
Director-Ronnie Parsons  2020-2021 
Past President- Pat Brady 2021 

~ Contact Information ~
Lakeside Community Home Owners Association, Inc.
26141 Lakeside Blvd
Millsboro DE, 19966
Use "Contact Us" tab on navigation bar to send an e-mail

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Delaware State Bills pending
Posted on Apr 8th, 2021
Two Controversial Gun Bills 
Awaiting Lawmakers' Attention
New Jersey is among a handful of states that have enacted "permit to purchase" laws.
With the General Assembly on its Easter Break, two controversial gun-control measures rapidly passed by the State Senate on Thursday are on hold for at least two weeks.
Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 3, sponsored by Senate Majority Whip Elizabeth Lockman (D-Wilmington West), would require that Delawareans wishing to buy a handgun first obtain a “handgun qualified purchaser card.” The original bill had been filed one week earlier, with the substitute measure being introduced the same day it was acted on by the Senate and passed by a vote of 13 to 8.
To get the card an individual would need to be fingerprinted, undergo a criminal background check, and successfully complete a firearms training course.
The legislation mandates that the course contain 11 components, including firearms handling, live shooting exercises, suicide prevention, and methods for avoiding a criminal attack and managing violent confrontation.
The bill also calls for the state to maintain a searchable database of all handgun transactions that could be inspected "by any judge, justice of the peace, police officer, constable, or other peace officer … in furtherance of an open criminal investigation or during the course of a criminal prosecution.” In most instances, the state would be required to purge the data after two years.
A handgun qualified purchaser card would be valid for a period of 180 days from the date of issuance. Those in possession of the card would be able to purchase handguns during this period.
The state would not charge a fee for the card, but the applicant would be responsible for any costs associated with meeting the requirements to obtain one.
In testimony during the virtual Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on the bill, many opponents said SS 1 for SB 3 would infringe on the rights guaranteed to Delawareans under the state constitution (Article I, Section 20) which states: “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and state, and for hunting and recreational use.”  Other complaints expressed during hearing noted that the bill would significantly delay handgun purchases and potentially add hundreds-of-dollars in compliance costs to the process -- a hurdle that could be impossible for many modest-income Delawareans to clear.
Speaking on behalf of the bill prior to its floor vote, co-sponsor Sen. Kyle Evans Gay(D-5th District) indicated that she believed the measure would discourage handgun sales. "SB 3 will protect men, it will protect women, it will protect children because it will tamp down on the proliferation of handguns in our state," she said. "And it's for that reason I am going to vote for SB 3 today."
Individuals licensed to carry a concealed deadly weapon would be exempt from the bill’s requirements.
Eleven states reportedly have laws similar to that proposed by SS 1 for SB 3, including Maryland's Handgun Qualification License law.
The second measure, Senate Bill 6, sponsored by Senate President Pro Tem David Sokola (D-Newark), is known as the Delaware Large Capacity Magazine Prohibition Act of 2021. Introduced on March 25th, the measure would bar any firearm magazine with a capacity exceeding 17 rounds of ammunition. 
If enacted, Delawareans possessing any magazines with capacities over the imposed cap would be required to turn them over to police in exchange for unspecified compensation through a future program that would be established under the bill.
Citizens found in possession of barred magazines would face a class B misdemeanor for a first offense and a class E felony for a subsequent offense. 
The law would take effect 60-days following its enactment. 
Both bills are pending assignment to a House committee. The General Assembly will return on April 20.
Beginning Tomorrow, State's Vaccine Waiting List Will Open to All Delawareans, 16 and Older
Beginning sometime tomorrow, April 6, Delawareans, age 16+, may register on the State of Delaware’s COVID-19 vaccination waiting list at 
Health officials say that invitations to state vaccination events will not be done in the order people sign-up, but will rather be prioritized on the basis of age and other risk factors, including pre-existing medical conditions.
Pharmacies may also begin vaccinating Delawareans, age 16+, tomorrow. 
´╗┐Medical providers – including primary care doctors, specialty providers, and hospital systems – will continue to vaccinate only Delawareans aged 16-64 with moderate- and high-risk medical conditions and disabilities.  Click here to view a list of updated medical conditions.
Access to appointments will be contingent on supply of the COVID-19 vaccines. 
As of noon today (4/5), Delaware providers had administered 503,018 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Thus far, 177,694 people have been fully vaccinated and another 160,985 have received the first shot of a two-shot vaccine protocol.
Beebe Healthcare COVID 19 shot site!
Posted on Mar 16th, 2021
Beebe Healthcare COVID - 18 Vaccine site

Anyone interested in voluntarily registering for Beebe’s COVID-19 Wait List, can do so at